Yummy Sunday 24: Filipino Biko

A Traditional Filipino Biko is prepared with malagkit (glutinous) rice, coconut milk, sugar, and topped with “latik”. But this “Biko” on the photo has no latik on top as this is just the ordinary way of preparing it. Some preferred this kind of preparation, others loved the one that has latik on top. Anyway, “Biko” is a sticky rice cake and is usually served during birthday parties, fiestas and other special events. This is best when you paired it with a hot soothing coffee. This “Biko” was cooked by one of the parents in our school. This really tastes good… I love it!

Our featured Yummy Sunday participant for this week is Sarah of “My Family Daily Adventure” She shared this yummy cake last Sunday. Go check out her site  and find out her YS post for today.

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13 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday 24: Filipino Biko”

  1. hello, i have been out of the yummy sunday circulation for a while, sorry. i hope, it’s okay if i make a comeback.

    sarap ng biko, ung yellow bits langka?

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