Yummy Sunday 28: Valentine Wedding Cake

I just arrived from church today. We had an activity called “Renewal of Vows” wherein couples who were married for the last 10 years or most renew their love and commitment as husband and wife. We had a wedding ceremony and all of us were in tears when all the couples gave their vows to each other. Their lives are truly an inspiration.

After the wedding ceremony, we had a mini-reception and we had this simple yet elegant looking cake. It was brought my our church friend. It’s creamy, not so sweet and very yummy!

Oh, got to go now… I will rest first coz hubby might have plans for tonight. 🙂

Happy Yummy Valentine Sunday!!!

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  1. wow, it looks very yummy and nutritious.. lots of fruits.. kiwi, cherry, pineapple adn strawberry, they’re all my favorite..

  2. oh that celebration truly calls for the loveliest cake!

    my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2010/02/sapin-sapin.html

  3. Happy Hearts Day!

    Mukhang masarap yan ha, is that homemade?

  4. Happy Valentine’s day!

  5. ay, kalami ba jud tan-awon. What a way to celebrate your Valentine’s! Just posted my entry now..

  6. That looks really yummy! love the fruits.

  7. We have been married for 18 years and did our “Renewal of Vows” three years ago. Now we have another baby. ‘Nuff said ;-P

  8. im done with my entry. be back tomorrow.. you may want to link me me to mclinky.

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