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Yummy Sunday #3: Lumpia

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Thank God it’s Sunday once again and I am so happy because it’s one of the Yummiest day of the week. My entry for this week’s Yummy Sunday is the food “LUMPIA”.

“Lumpia” is a Filipino food but the place of origin for this food is the country China. In other countries, this is similar to what they call as “spring rolls”. The Lumpia can be served as a main course or as a snack. In every Filipino gathering, we never miss to prepare this food as this is very easy to prepare. It’s main ingredients are Crepe, meat and vegetables. There many varieties of Lumpia and one of these is the “Lumpiang Shanghai” which you can see fromthe photo above. This lumpia is served with a sweet and sour sauce. Other varieties of Lumpia includes, the “Fresh Lumpia”, “banana lumpia”,”vegetable lumpia” and many more.

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Happy Yummy Sunday everyone!

14 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday #3: Lumpia”

  1. Hello!!Thank you for the drop by..It’s really yummy here in your page..Have a wonderful day to you and God Bless!!

  2. oh i love lumpia.. favorite din ng mga kids ko. usually weekend ko niluluto at di rin pwede mawala sa mga birthday celebration. perfect with sweet chili sauce.. happy yummy sunday!!

  3. I lover lumpia (fresh and shanghai} .. yummy yummy.. By the way , thanks for inviting.. will join next sunday!!!

    Thanks thanks

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