Yummy Sunday 30: My 30th

It’s already my 30th post for Yummy Sunday. I’m so happy to know that a lot of people are now joining this weekly meme. Thanks so much for joining! I would also like to thank those YS participants who never fails to miss this meme every week. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Since it’s my 30th post, here’s a cake that was given to me as my birthday treat. A chocolate cake from Kathryn’s Bakeshoppe.I celebrated my 30th birthday last November and it was indeed a HAPPY birthday because the day after my birthday, my relatives gave me a birthday treat. They invited to had lunch with them in a pizza┬árestaurant, surprised me with a cake, and bought me an expensive gift. I truly appreciate all their love for me. After that day, I felt so blessed because God had used them to make me feel I am special.

That’s me, blowing the candles… sorry for the messy hair. I guess I am just overwhelmed with the surprise. LOL!

Happy Yummy Sunday!

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  1. wow, belated happy bday bogs…naglaway ko sa cake…

  2. that is an awesome treat! so sweet for a birthday girl. That’s for a sweet life and my entry wishes you a long life.

    sorry to miss some Sunday, am just under the weather this time so it’s like am on freeze on everything i like to do even my blogging.

    i miss the yummy food pics and i hope to come back tomorrow to blog hop

    Happy Sunday and God bless!

  3. ay kasarap, gi laway ko,lol! Belated Happy birthday Boogie, blessings to come your way.

  4. Happy 30th birthday! magka-edad lang pala tayo, sis!

    we had Lunch date at Tony Roma’s. hope you can come visit my post!

    over here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2010/02/lunch-date-at-tony-romas.html

  5. belated….hhahahha…yummy btaw jud ng Kathryns..pero ako entry ron is from Goldilocks! toinks!

  6. im back, oh my, it’s your birthday sweetie…happy happy birthday!!!

  7. Looks really delicious. Happy 30th day!

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