Yummy Sunday 40: Lechon Kawali


It’s Sunday once again and I’m glad you are all back to join Yummy Sunday today. My entry is a “Lechon Kawali” from Peking House Restaurant. I love eating this when it is fresh and crispy.

By the way, I am currently updating my bloglist. If your blog is not included on my list please leave a comment so I can add it. I have also saved some links but I am not yet done adding and hopefully I can finish it by tomorrow.

Another thing, if you are joining Yummy Sunday, please don’t forget to visit other entries too. I highly commend Nuts, Manang Kim and Chubskulit for their efforts of visiting and leaving their comments to other blogs. Thank you very much for your time.

Have a Happy and Yummy Sunday!


  1. first one on the list. i miss lechon kawali ,pork is prohibited in the muslim country kaya puro chicken and beef lang kami.

    can you please add me in your blogroll too.thanks

  2. sorry for my wrong entry .i know I entered the right URL but it came out to be the wrong one so i tried again for the 2nd time but still the same

  3. sinful! 😀 I don’t eat the balat though, I only like the meat itself.

  4. I did not eat that but some of my friends did. This is my first time in Yummy Sunday….

  5. I love lechon kawali and bagnet! so yummy!!! so fatty! haha!

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