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  1. hahhaha same ta ug lunch…chicken ghapon…fried chicken sa sunburst….:)

  2. I miss this! yum!

  3. mas lami ang imo. I like Sunburst Chicken!

  4. i once in a while crave for this. I prefer my chicken grilled or roasted kasi e 🙂 but i love Jollibee’s spaghetti!!

    my friends say the fried chicken in 7–1 is good! and the one in -11 too (which is from Wendy’s daw, how true?!)….

  5. nothing compares…add me pls..thanks

  6. late post but it is better late than never. sarap ng chicken joy ,buti na lang meron na dito nyan .

  7. i prefer the spicy variant wid additional steak(mushrooom) sauce

  8. Yes ! I want some..please send me some! 😀

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