Yummy Sunday 58: Snack Time

Hello everyone! I am so happy to know that a lot of you are now joining Yummy Sunday. Thank you so much!

The photo above is a Palabok Meal from Izzy’s Cafe. This meal is a budget snack menu which cost Php 69.0o pesos only. I find this very affordable because at this price you already have a palabok, a cake and a cold iced tea.

I was with my cousins when I ate this and they loved it. But I find it just okay. I was expecting for something but I guess the price is just right. Not bad at all.

Anyway, what’s your Yummy Sunday food for this week? I’m excited to check it out!

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  1. Yummy! Palabok is one of my favorite “pansit” but sad I cannot eat the shrimp as I am allergic to it. I havent gone to Izzy’s Cafe I hope to visit someday! Yehey! Naka first ra jud ko!

  2. Sis, panalo to parati sa handaan …. so yummy…

  3. palabok, yummy! Happy Sunday!

  4. Oh my snack palang yan ha, ang sarap na!! Nakaka-miss ang palabok grabe!
    Fried rice w/ Tinapa

  5. i havent gone to Izzy..yes, i did went up to that floor but since its not my treat, we ate sa Lighthouse…Izzy is i think is the only resto in that floor na walang “buffet” kaya sa kabila nagpupunta ang mag tao…next time, ma gizzy na talaga kami

  6. palabok is always a hit at home…..yum yum

  7. oh i love palabok… and choco cake too…

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