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  1. yay..kalami ba ani…

  2. I agree that P Joe’s baby back ribs was yummy. Happy YS!

  3. This looks so sumptuous, and the sauce and the rice!haha..Happy Week, posted my entry already!

  4. Yups, missed PJoe’s food…..wanna try visiting again…and indulge…

  5. sana ito lunch namin:) sarap!!!

  6. Slurp….though I am not a meat eater..still it looks yummy!

  7. naks! I really love baby back ribs so much!

    galaway na nuon ko duh!

    mine is up now!

  8. i agree, i like the Pjoes ribs…sayang lang walang ostrich when we got there

    sorry for the late posr, disconected ang inet sa bahay kaya nasa inet shop ako

  9. love ribs these look delicious

  10. naa pud ko dri, nakisilip sa imong food na lami …

    done adding the link sa akong payag 🙂

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