Yummy Sunday 85: Chocolate Rice Porridge


I was hungry last Thursday and I decided to cook “Champorado” or chocolate rice porridge. I haven’t eaten this food for years and I enjoyed a bowl of it last Thursday. I added milk to make it more delicious.

Happy Yummy Sunday everyone!

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  1. wow! this reminds me that I have tablea man diay na gidala nila Bernie ug joylee.. hmmm.. .. I’ll make champorado one of these days..mghulat sa ko mg ulan ky the best cya kaunun pg ulan..LOL!

  2. Did you use condensed milk? My bro cooked champorado yesterday (the instant kind), but when I put evaporated milk, it pretty much covered the surface. 🙁

    Masarap ito with dried fish!

  3. it’s been ages i haven’t tried champorado. I’ll try to make champorado one of these days so that Chloe can try it…

  4. @Jenn, I used condensed milk kasi wala akong evap dito sa bahay. 🙂

    @Cookie, I was thinking of her too when I cooked this.:)

  5. I can’t remember anymore when was the last time I ate Champorado as I’m not so into it, my boys doesn’t like it either because they thought it’s a “dirty” rice! 🙂

  6. its been a year, kakamiss naman etong post mo, looks really yummy! btw, wanted to join but wasn’t able to see the linky collection…maybe closed na, will join again next Sunday! 🙂 have a great week!

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