Yummy Sunday 99

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining Yummy Sunday today.  I want to share to you, Jen’s Calderita …

and Lalaine’s Banofee cake for dessert…

How about you?What do you have for Yummy Sunday today?

In need of inspiration, I want to check out either California culinary schools or pastry schools specializing in French techniques.

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  1. yummy…like ko silang dalawa 🙂

  2. wow! starring ko da! Thanks!!

  3. Visiting here this week….thanks for your comment in my post lastweek girl. Salamat din sa Yummy Sunday Participants who came by to read my post and left a mark…You are all awesome! By the way, i love this cake! yum!

  4. nakakatakam naman ung cake! 🙂 looks very yummy!

  5. The cake looks delish!!! Yumyum!!!

  6. Wow! Everything you featured looks so good esp the cake!..

  7. The cake looks yummy.. galaway ko da!

    and the caldereta too.. 🙂

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