Bakery Cabinets

Bakery cabinets are equipments used in the baking industry for heating, holding and storing items. They can handle items either at room temperature, as warm or hot. Bakery cabinets are either the proofing, heating and holding types. Heating cabinets keep items warm. They also come in different sizes and prices. Proofing and holding bakery cabinets are used for warming items or for holding items at room temperature.

Holding cabinets can be categorized as insulated and non-insulated. The insulated type is used to hold items that must be kept warm but do not need heat. The non-insulted types store items that require being stored at room temperature.

Baked items containing yeast are held in a proofing cabinet as they rise. It is possible to control the humidity and warmth with the proofing cabinet. The proofing cabinets are also called the proving cabinets.

Bakery cabinets can also be categorized as retarder or as refrigerated cabinets. Other categorization is based on the number of doors on the equipment. Thus we have the single door and double door bakery types. The one door in a single door type or the two doors in the double door types are located on the front end of the cabinet.

The single door types are used in the same way as subway because high amount of bred proofing is required for them. They can also be applied in refrigerating, retarding and as freezers, in addition to proofing. These equipments are mostly used by caterers and can be used in high production because they can hold 17 or 20 baking trays. For more information on bakery cabinets visit here.

The double door types can hold up to 40 baking trays and thus can also be used for high production. They have castors with brakes installed on them, and this makes it easy to move them. They can also be applied for refrigeration, freezing, proofing retarding.

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