Benefits of Budgeting


Managing our finances is just like time management, we all need to learn it one way or another.  Although, unlike the time in which we all have 24 hours a day, managing our finances well – whether big or small – is still a must-do to avoid additional stress in our lives.

To start, we need to learn how to budget.  Allocating our money well is the key to successful personal financial management.  Here are some benefits of well-budgeted finances:

1.  It Helps You Know Your Priorities

Having a budget helps you understand your current financial status.  Get a note and list down all your monthly expenditures including those small or big purchases. In doing so, you get to see where the big chunk of your money goes, which expenses can be sliced-off or can be flexible, and what are the essential expenses/purchases on the list.  Knowing this, you will be able to set your financial priorities straight.

2. It Helps You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Whether it is a house, a new car, a business venture, or your dream travel, we all have our own financial goals.  These personal objectives will help us see the value of our earnings more.  Having these goals (short or long term) will make us more conscious of our spending.  Thus, putting together a budget and sticking to it will help you save up and realize those goals.

3. It Helps You Overcome Your Bad Spending Habits

Have you been to the grocery store without a to-buy list, just grabbed whatever you think you need, and just ended up not using some of those purchases?  Well, that is a bad spending habit that most people fail to realize along with overspending and impulsive buying.  These habits would definitely not help you in achieving your financial goals and will really hit you hard in the long run.  That is why you need to put a stop to it by having strict discipline in sticking to your budget.  You can still buy those fancy shoes or newly released gadgets, as long as you have them on your budget list.

4. It Helps You Save and Prepare for Emergencies

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  We need to be prepared, not just physically and mentally, but also financially, as life is full of surprises and uncertainties.  Although there are short-term financial solutions out there, even for people who struggle with bad credit, it would still be wise to save up, especially for emergency situations.

5. It Keeps You Out from Borrowing Money

Who wouldn’t want to be debt-free and mentally free from the stress that debt brings?  Borrowing money or applying for a student loan or an emergency loan is sometimes unavoidable, especially in times of emergency.  Other times, it is caused by spending the money we don’t have (through our credit card purchases) or other bad spending habits.  Hence, the importance of tracking your money, how much you earn, where you spend it, and how much you owe.  Building a personal budget helps you find a way to pay your debt off and even keeps you out of it.

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