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It’s already the 2nd Quarter of 2022, and I am still on a work-from-home set-up. I like that I am just at home and can accomplish many things without going out. However, there are times that I find my home a bit messy because I tend to mix up my work with home chores. After two years of being able to work from home, I have realized that there are areas in my house that need some upgrading and organizing so I can work efficiently and, at the same time, I can enjoy living in a clean home.

So, here are my Home Upgrading Goals for this year.

Goal #1: Have a Home Office

One of the things that I need for my home is a designated home office. For now, I am utilizing our bedroom as my working station. There is a little corner where I can work and have classes with my students. However, I get distracted when family members are at home or when my husband is in the bedroom. Moreover, I tend to overwork myself. When I am in the bedroom, work is calling me. If I have a home office, it will be easy to separate work tasks from personal tasks, thus allowing me to manage my time well. 

Goal #2: Have a Comfortable Outdoor Space

Since COVID times, I no longer allow people to get inside our house. Having a comfortable outdoor space will enable me to welcome visitors at home and be able to gather safely. It will also be a place for relaxation, especially after a tiring long day. 

Goal #3: Improve Kitchen Storage

I have a small kitchen at home. You know, when it is small, it quickly gets cluttered. I plan to upgrade it by adding more storage and cabinets to keep it tidy and free from clutter. Moreover, I wanted my kitchen to be more presentable to take quality photos and videos of my cooking for my blog.

Where to Get Funds for Home Upgrade

I have already shared my plans with my husband, and he asked me the most crucial question, “Where will you get the funds for the Home Upgrade?” I just smiled at him and jokingly told him that I would ask for money from him.

On a serious note, my husband helped me plan the upgrade. We have decided to upgrade our house one at a time. We have already listed what should be our priority and what should come next. How much will we spend and how will we pay for it. We will consider using our savings for the home upgrade, and if it isn’t enough, we can consider having a loan. 

As for having a loan, we still have to think about it as we will have to estimate how much money we need and estimate our monthly payments. We also need to consider dealing with home improvement costs and the rising prices of home improvement materials. We have to note this down early to keep us from making costly mistakes in the future.

What are your home goals this year?

I started with three home goals this year because I find them achievable. As of the moment, we are now in the middle of completing our outdoor space, and I am excited to be able to accomplish everything before the year ends. I hope you can also share your home upgrade goals this year. 

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