Finding the Perfect Frame

Picking the right eye wear frames can be exhausting as you will have to make sure that a frame complements the shape of your face. In my case, I have a round shaped face and I have read online that I need to look for a frame that will seem to elongate my face. In this way, I will have to choose for angular frames with sides that are straight up-and-down. But if you are not sure about the shape of your face, you can visit Zenni Optical today. It’s a site that sells affordable prescription eyeglasses and they have launched this cool feature in their site wherein you can easily look for a perfect frame that will perfectly suit you. All you have to do is to upload your photo on Zenni’s Frame Fit and try on the different eyeglasses available on their site.

Below is the cartoon photo of myself. This is my profile photo on Facebook and I uploaded it to Zenni’s Frame Fit. All of the eyeglasses available on their website look good on me but this red eye wear frame is what I like.

You too can try this by visiting Zenni optical today, upload a photo, try on all frames and share it on FB. I can’t wait to see you wearing a frame from Zenni.

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