Happy 80th Birthday Nanay (cont…)


I’m so thankful to God that my Nanay’s birthday was indeed a happy birthday for her.  We had typical birthday foods like spaghetti, cake, fruit salad, lumpia and humba. We also had ice cream, and consumed more or less 2 gallons of it because the weather was too hot. We couldn’t believe that Nanay is already 80 years old, becuase she is still strong as 50’s and can still travel all by herself from Medina to Cagayan de Oro.

I’m so thankful for Nanay’s life. She’s the one who took care of us when our mom worked at the farthest area of Bukidnon. Her life is indeed a blessing to her children and her grandchildren. Now that she’s 80, my prayer for her is that may the Lord continue to grant her strength, good life and more meaningful years to be with us. 

God bless you Nanay!

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