Jim Brickman: The Gift

When I am working with my computer I usually listen to some relaxing music. The music helps me think especially when I am not in the mood to write. For today, I browsed over to Jim Brickman’s music and listen to it.  Jim is known to be a great pianist and a great singer of love and romance. I listened to one of his songs entitled, “The Gift” and this song just captivated my heart. Actually, I have heard this song many times already but I’m not tired of listening to it over and over again. In fact I always hear this song during weddings and valentines day but I still love it.  I also like Jim Brickman’s other songs like “My Destiny”, “Your Love”, “My Valentine”, “The Love I Found in You” and many more.

Since, it’s Valentine’s Day, I might as well dedicate this song to every couples out there.  Happy Heart’s Day!

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