Last summer I had the opportunity to join a team in organizing a teen camp in our city. It was one of the most exciting Teen Camps that I joined because we had around 150 participants. It was more of a spiritual camp but the participants had so much fun in the team building activities.


The camp was held somewhere very far from the city. So as one of the facilitators, I too had to bring my own tent, clothes and some toiletries for an overnight stay in the camp site. Since, I don’t know how to set-up my own tent, I asked someone to help me with it. Glad to know that they were very eager to help me.

Sleeping inside the tent was quite a challenge especially that I had asthma at that time. At the same time, the experience brings back old memories. I remember the time when we used to have scouting in our elementary days. It was so much fun.

Joining camps is not quite comfortable for me nowadays. However, when I see the young one’s faces happy and their lives change because of their experience I am able to forget all the discomforts I am feeling and focus only on how my life can help them.

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