Lunch Date, Singing and Having Fun

My high school friend invited me for lunch today. Its CDO’s fiesta but it’s actually our time of catching up with each other, sing songs and have fun. However, I am not yet sure if I will go to her house because I’m having a terrible headache.

Last year we had the same activity and we had so much fun. My other high school friends were there and we enjoyed sharing our life stories. Most of all, we enjoyed the food especially the Lechon. My friend really prepared well as she bought a new TV just for the occasion. For this year, she had her house renovated and rented some musical equipment like the thr10c at musician’s friend so everyone of us can have fun during our stay in their house.

I’m not yet so sure whether to go or not, but thinking about the foods and my friends makes me want to go. Anyway, I still have a few hours left so I might rest a bit and we’ll see.

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