No More Coffee and Soda

A few days ago, I had a very bad experience. I felt dizzy as if my world was turning around so fast. I vomited a lot and I felt so cold. I taught I can get relieved if I just lie down and rest but it made me feel worse. I did nothing that night but to hold my husband’s hand and just sit.

The feeling was really weird and I really could not understand and my husband decided to bring me to the hospital. Thinking about hospital bills and other possible expenses, I told him not to bring me to the hospital. Instead, I asked him to buy me an antacid and so he did. After I took the medicine, the dizziness was gone but I still vomit from time to time. I sat still leaning my head on the wall until I was able to sleep.

The following day, I have decided not drink anymore coffee and soda for the mean time because I think these are the major culprit of what happened. For now, I will have to discipline myself to drink only water.

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