4 Ways to Puppy-Proof Your Property

PinterestGoogle+TwitterStumbleUponFacebookCongratulations! You’re the proud new owner of an adorable puppy with floppy ears and wiggly paws. Before you bring him home, however, there are some steps that you should take to ensure his safety. He’ll be just like a human toddler as he grows, learns and explores his environment, so it’s important to protect him […]

Easy Way to Style Your Hair

PinterestGoogle+TwitterStumbleUponFacebookThis is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Are you fun of styling your hair every so often? Do you have enough time in doing it? When you style your hair, are you worried of damaging it? Having different hair styles almost every day or when there are occasions is an enjoyable thing. Different […]

Digong’s Spanish Style Sardines

PinterestGoogle+TwitterStumbleUponFacebookMy husband just arrived from his trip to Davao and he brought home this Digong’s Spanish Style Sardines. I don’t know how the name of this sardines originated but I think it’s pretty obvious. It was named after President Rodrigo Duterte. I googled about this product and found out on their Facebook page that this […]

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