The Beauty of Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are also known as Chinese lanterns or airborne paper lanterns. These lanterns are popular in Asia as it is commonly used in traditions and special occasions. Have you seen the movie, Tangled? You will surely have an idea on how sky lanterns flew up the sky.

Last year, one of the malls in our city initiated an event called “Light of Hope”, it was intended to remember our our fellow citizens who died from the devastating flood caused by Typhoon Washi. Many participated in that event and as everyone lit their lanterns, they offer a special prayer to remember their departed loved ones.

Similarly, we also had the same opportunity last November 1, 2012 as we visited our departed loved ones at Oro Gardens Memorial Park. I was staring at the sky then suddenly, plenty of sky lanterns were flying up one by one. There were pink, red, orange and yellow sky lanterns I saw that night. It was so beautiful to look at. My in-laws wanted to try how to fly sky lanterns so they bought 2 lanterns which cost Php 100 each. It was a bit expensive but we just bought it out of curiosity. True enough, it was so much fun.

My niece wanted to have sky lanterns this Christmas but we are still thinking about it. Although it is beautiful, there is also danger to it because it can cause a fire when landing on flammable ground. However, there now sky lanterns with fireproof base to prevent fire problems in the future.

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