This is my brother in law’s Honda Accord Car. This was previously white in color but he decided to have it customized and gave it a sports car look. Almost all of the parts of this car were customized including wheels and rims. The car now looks nice and has good maneuverability for high speed driving.

I like this car because of its striking color. When this car hits the road, people would usually have a second look maybe because the color is attractive. Yellow is the owner’s favorite color that is why it’s colored yellow. Before he have this car customized, he searched car photos and other articles that would help decide which car design suits his preference. Good thing, he was able to find a nice design for his car.

But he seldom uses this car these days because of high fuel cost and high fuel consumption. He is now planning to sell this car but as of the mean time we are using this car occasionally for special purposes.

If you were given the chance to buy a car of your choice, what would it be? Would you also consider having it customized? If money would not be an issue, then I will do everything to make my car beautiful.

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