Yummy Sunday #121 : Sad Sunday…

Hello everyone! I’m very sorry that I forgot about Yummy Sunday. I was totally out of track because of the recent happenings here in Cagayan de Oro City. I’m totally not in the mood to blog because of the sad experiences of my relatives and friends due to the typhoon “Sendong”. I was out yesterday to buy food for my relatives who were affected by the flood and most of the people I saw on the streets were all muddy. I can’t help but be in tears while we roam around the city. Until today, my heart is still saddened with all the things that is happening but God is in control and He is forever be praised!

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  1. Just called my family who lives in Macanhan. I am glad they’re all safe with the GOD’s help and protection..

    Happy Sunday!


  2. it was just an ordinary call to pangga inspite of the heavy rains of friday night. but we have to end bcoz power was out (both of body and electricity) sat early morning (1:30am to 2) she texted me to ask for a load (im a reloader here). after i loaded her phone, she had to end our call so that she can call her friend who is a chinoy fire volunteer to rescue her friend in Carmen. It was so sad kaayo :((

    Praise God you and your family are safe. my prayers for fast recovery and healing to CDO.

    amping kaayo permi ms. Admin

  3. asta pud akoa mga brother’s sa clong affected sa baha, tanan jud nila gamit nadaut but still thankful nga completo japon ang family.

    Keep up the faith, CDO will back in normal in GOD’S time


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