Yummy Sunday # 145: Pork Chops for Lunch


A neighbor who lives near our school generously cooked this food for my lunch because he saw how busy we were in school. I enjoyed this lunch so much that I ended up eating two cups of rice. I only paid Php 50.00 for the pork chops and Php 16.00 for the 2 cups of rice. Isn’t this a great lunch? So yum, yet very affordable.

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  1. Two cups of rice lng imong nahurot sis? If it was me for sure more than two cups gyud..LOL! I love porkchops:)

    Mine is up:


  2. What a yummy lunch! I love pork chops and I’m sure with this meal I could forget my 1 cup rice rule..he..he…

  3. YUmmy!! i love it esp. if grilled.

  4. awssss… i won’t be having pork this week yet… hopefully! i have been eating “humba” and lechon paksiw all week long, mga leftovers of Baby Job’s birthday! buuurrrrppp! hehehe… joining YS again!

  5. Hmmm…that made me hungry. Yeah, 1 rice won’t be enough.

  6. oh, i’m missing the corn kernels 🙂

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