Yummy Sunday 26:"Philadelphia Steak Sandwich"

As I’ve mentioned in my previous Yummy Sunday post I will be sharing about my food I ordered last Friday at Sentro 1850 Cagayan de Oro. Β Since, my co-teacher ordered a baby-back ribs, I chose a meal that has no rice. So I ordered this meal which is called “Philadelphia Steak Sandwich” (I hope I got it right). This is so yummy! Below is the proof that this food is truly delicious.

Looks like I’m not that hungry isn’t it? LOL!

Anyway, our featured Yummy Participant for this week is Mommy Dharlz of “Happy Home”. She posted this cute, yummy choco cake last week. Check out her Yummy Sunday post this week.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. lamia gud ana gie…try ko eat ana….

    oist…nag submit nko ug sayo kay daghan lakaw ugma…wa nko tym mka net sa daytime busa now na!!!!

  2. i love the food in “sentro 1850”, one of its founding members is our (me and pangga) friend. im a rice meal eater thus i really want to try that this month of May. yes, ill be in CdeO yehey.

    BTW, na kita ko na yung “izzy’s cafe” in Gaisano and i also want to try there, di kami munakin doon kasi mag didinner na kami sa Cuside de Oro (thats my next entry)

  3. i can tell through you photo how it tastes.. but then.. oh no, nothings left for me.. haha. looks so yummy!

  4. Sarap naman! It’s been a while since I last participated. Ngayon lang nagkatime ulit.

    My entry

  5. I love it, especially the bread and the vegies.

  6. ay sarap, can I bite the chocolate, sarap, hhhmmmm yummy!

  7. Wow! that must have truly been a treat! Next time we visit CDO, i have to make sure to dine in Sentro..:) Panlibre dayon ha? LOL!

  8. sure… πŸ™‚

  9. wow. you must be ravenous! me too, i like sandwich loaded with protein.

    my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2010/01/kare-kare-oxtail-in-peanut-sauce.html

  10. oopps! sorry nag error po yung unang link na doble tuloy.. sensya na po…

    sarap naman nyan.. I’ll order that one pag mapunta ng cagayan de oro..

  11. wow, ang sarap! grabe nakakagutom naman yan, i want one!

  12. palawayon man lagi ta oi. adto rako ugma sa sentro, hehe. just posted my entry bogs…

  13. Hmmm ang sarap. I love burgers and am sure even if am not hungry i could eat all of that. πŸ™‚ The fries looks crispy. πŸ™‚

    Am a day late..yet better late than never. πŸ™‚

  14. by the way, can you give me an idea of a best place to dine (eat all you can buffet?) the only place i know is sun burst (breakfast only) and then Pizza hut (salads) so yan lang kinain namin kahapon. baka mga taga CDO may alam. πŸ™‚

    thanks in advance for the info

  15. Raw Thoughts and Feelings

    That looks fantastically delicious!

  16. Hi Bogie, thank you for all your suggested places for affordable foods. Will try to check out the one in Gaisano Mall. we spent the sunday morning there going around sayang wala namo na check dapit sa food area. hehehe

    I am not from cdo. taga iligan ko and a visit to cdo is often a nice time with friends. hmm Cafe Laguna? i think me and the boss wife passed that way going to robinsonb’s market. πŸ™‚ cg next time, will remember the places you mentioned.

  17. Goodness! That looks HUGE! :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

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