Yummy Sunday 60: Beef Ribs

Last Sunday (10-10-10) was my sister-in- law’s birthday. She invited everyone of us for a family dinner at Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant at Lim Ket Kai Center. One of the foods served during the dinner was this… Beef Ribs. I find this very delicious and juicy.

It was my first to be in that native restaurant and I find their foods yummy and affordable. Guess what, they also have unlimited rice. Hubby and I will surely come back and try some other dishes.

Back to the birthday celebration… my sister-in-law was very happy with her birthday. She also had special gifts which truly surprised her.

(sorry for the blurry photo… I just borrowed my mother-in law’s camera. I am still waiting for my cams rechargeable batteries)

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  1. hmmmm.. kalami…especially pag-kinamot…lol… I just posted mine.. ako yung first..lol… may lakad ako bukas maaga.. sa gabi na ako bloghop.

  2. Hubby will love this! Have a Blessed Sunday!

  3. wow! gusto ko yan, i hope on my next visit, pangga and I can eat there

  4. yay, pagkalami, wla pako ka anha ani na restaurant da, ako ni testingan puhon.

    btw bogs uy wla jud ka nagtunga sa atong sabot, nagtext baya ko nimo ato na time pero wla u reply. wla pud ko ka ask why wla u nagtunga kay na busy na pud ko, kita ktis ta puhon kanang dli na ta ani busy.

  5. i like the one from gerry’s grill too…

  6. Yummy! Your kuya Hywel loves grilled ______anything. He must love this one too! Have a yummy Sunday Bogs!

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