Practicing the Guitar Makes Me Hungry


The home’s internet connection is still intermittent these past few weeks so I have decided to make something productive rather than sitting long hours in front of the computer and accomplishing nothing. So, I decided to practice the guitar especially with complicated guitar chords.

To make my practice more challenging, my husband allowed me to use his guitar pedals. I tried the good whammy dt from guitar center and I was amazed how I can easily shift keys with just the tip of my toes. It was cool yet I still have to master using a guitar pedal.
After hours of practicing, I was really very hungry and good thing my husband rewarded me with a homemade snacks. Yummy foods after the practice will surely motivate me to continue practicing the guitar.

Jollibee Kit Kat Mix-ins


 photo jollibeemixins1_zps7e48604e.jpg

If you’re a fan of Jollibee fastfood, here’s something to look forward to this coming summer — the Jollibee Kitkat Mix-ins.  It’s Jollibee’s signature creamy vanilla softserve, mixed with crushed Kit Kat wafer bars and caramel syrup. This scrumptous treat is only P38 so chocolate lovers can actually make this as an everyday staple.

So what are you waiting for? Take a yummy #Jollybreak now!

Exploring Distinctively


There is so much to be curious about in this life. Young people have actually a wide array of choices and not just night life, boy-girl relationship, alcohol, drugs and sex. In music alone, young ones could explore on instruments they have never played nor touched before. They could probably try clarinets if they’ve been playing guitars or pianos or even if they’ve never played any instrument yet. This is practical compared to spending on vicious things. Like they could save on clarinet compared to the expenditures associated with alcohol and night gimmicks. Besides, they will acquire a new skill and will soon develop a new talent if they explore clarinets or even other musical instruments peculiar to them.

Exploring distinctively, young people could also try a new sport, develop a new hobby, or discover something worthwhile and wholesome. How about you, what endeavor have you explored on lately?

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