2013 McDonald’s Limited Edition Coca- Cola Glasses

McDonald’s Coca-Cola glasses are now back! For this year McDonalds came up with this Upside down Glasses which promotes the campaign “Turn Your World Upside down”.

 photo DSC_1028_zps2e9005cf.jpg

I am not into collecting Coca-Cola glasses until these cute and attractive glasses came. I started to have the Aqua glass and then pink and finally I was able to complete all the six glasses in different colors. These glasses are available at any McDonald’s store and can be purchased for only Php 25.00 with any McDonald’s meal.

 photo DSC_1031_zpscc0e13dc.jpg

This blue limited edition Coca-Cola glass is my favorite. Although I like all the colors but this is the only glass that really shows its real color on the bottom part. All the six glasses are made of durable materials which is perfect for daily use. Just don’t let your kids use it without supervision as these are breakable.
 photo DSC_1034_zps74c993c2.jpg

Now, I’m ready to drink a cold Coca-Cola with these new set of colorful glasses.

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