7 More Days…

I am not active in blogging these days because I am so busy with school work. Last week we had our final exams and all I did in front of the computer was to make test papers and nothing more. I wanted to update my blogs but I don’t have anymore strength to do it.

I still have 7 more days and my busy days will be over. I still have to finish the grades, the program and other stuff that will be needed for our school’s closing program. When the busy days are gone, I will surely have more time blogging and visiting other blogs.

To all my friends in the blogosphere, please bear with me if  I visited your blogs so late. The teacher is still busy… (he.he.he.) Just wait for 7 more days and I will be active in the blogosphere again.

See yah!

1 thought on “7 More Days…”

  1. Parehos gyd ta na nabusy..heheh! at least naka break ko kadyot sa ka busy ky ng mommy holiday mn mi.. karon back to busyness na sad..hehehe!

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