7 More Days…

I am not active in blogging these days because I am so busy with school work. Last week we had our final exams and all I did in front of the computer was to make test papers and nothing more. I wanted to update my blogs but I don’t have anymore strength to do it.

I still have 7 more days and my busy days will be over. I still have to finish the grades, the program and other stuff that will be needed for our school’s closing program. When the busy days are gone, I will surely have more time blogging and visiting other blogs.

To all my friends in the blogosphere, please bear with me if  I visited your blogs so late. The teacher is still busy… (he.he.he.) Just wait for 7 more days and I will be active in the blogosphere again.

See yah!

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  1. Parehos gyd ta na nabusy..heheh! at least naka break ko kadyot sa ka busy ky ng mommy holiday mn mi.. karon back to busyness na sad..hehehe!

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