Addicted to Jollibee’s Hash Brown Burger

My husband and I bought this new product from Jollibee, the Hash Brown Burger. We both like it so much that it made us wanna go back and bought another one. The following day, hubby went home and brought me with another Jollibbe Has Brown Burger. It’s truly “Langhap-Sarap” and it’s indeed delicious. It’s Php 64.00 for solo and Php 80.00 with drinks. I find it a bit expensive so I have to control myself for now. We planned to buy another one on Saturday. LOL!

2 thoughts on “Addicted to Jollibee’s Hash Brown Burger”

  1. jollibee’s not my place to eat (but the kids loved it^_^) then came hash brown…i felt like kid:)

    i’m posting up my YS 🙂

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