Better English

In order to improve my writing skills, I used an online software that would help me check my spelling and grammar. Not only that it helps me check with my grammar but it also evaluates my usage of transitional phrases and vocabulary words.

Just recently, I checked my work on it and I got this remark.

Excellent work! Your usage of sophisticated words is on par with other well-written papers! Nevertheless, you may still wish to use our Vocab Builder to maintain your edge.

I was happy with the remarks but I guess I still have to sign up to oxford english dictionary ‘Word of the Day’ in order to improve my word usage and at the same time widens my vocabulary.

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  1. Bogs, ask favor coz busy na ugma… can you link my yummy sunday please… it’s our davao food adventure..

  2. thanks bogs.. see you monday sa EB

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