At the Beach…

I just came home from a retreat at Seaside Bible Camp. It was a very nice place to just relax, reflect and enjoy the beauty of nature. While sitting on the swing, I noticed some other people at the beach. I think they were just enjoying the beach and their time together. They brought a lot of stuff like bbq grills, grill covers and different kinds of food. I was still on that swing reflecting on the articles given to us and never bothered their presence. ¬†While reading, I smelled something that truly makes me hungry. It was grilled fish. I saw the group eating together and I was hoping I could eat that grilled fish too. The bell rang for lunch and I was so surprised to see a grilled bangus served in our table. Not only that, we also have pancit and fruits. It was truly a great lunch… grilled fish is what I like when I am at the beach.

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