A Bag of Biscuits

I visited a friend yesterday and I was surprised because she gave me a bag full of biscuits. She worked in company where biscuits are one of their products. All of the biscuits she gave were product samples and mostly are not yet available in the market. When I went home, hubby thought that I bought all of them.

What’s inside the bag?


Cream-O Choco Sticks

Jack ‘N Jill Magic Creams Junior (Choco- Sandwich)

Cream-O Choco Wafer Bar

Jack N’ Jill Magic Flakes Junior Premium Crackers

Who wouldn’t be happy with these freebies? Now I have lots of snacks!




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  1. yay! snacks and so many, they are colorful too 🙂 My kids will dive in for those snacks. I am sure your kids will eat them all 🙂 Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too

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