Characteristics of a Great Bankruptcy Attorney

What makes a great bankruptcy attorney? This question can be posed by a potential client desperately looking for the best bankruptcy attorney, or this can also be a question raised by a bankruptcy lawyer who wants to become the best in his field.

So let’s just say you are a client looking for a great bankruptcy attorney in North Carolina. What characteristics should a bankruptcy lawyer have, or embody so he or she can be rightfully called or considered a great bankruptcy lawyer?

First, he or she must be very knowledgeable on North Carolina bankruptcy law. This means that he or she is well-informed and updated on the current developments and changes in the North Carolina bankruptcy law. With updated knowledge and information on North Carolina’s bankruptcy law, the bankruptcy attorney is in the best position to counsel his or her client on what to do best.

Second, he or she must have excellent communication skills. This means that he or she knows what questions to ask her client or clients; how to ask the right questions; and when to ask the right questions. For example, a great bankruptcy lawyer knows how to thoroughly ask his/her clients questions about their finances prior to their decision to file bankruptcy. Knowing beforehand all the necessary facts which led to the bankruptcy can prepare the lawyer for a good case presentation.

Finding a great bankruptcy attorney is not really difficult as long as you know what you’re looking for.


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