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My Brother’s First Toy

I can still remember my brother’s first toy when we were still little kids. It was the only toy that my father bought for him as far as I can remember. It was a battery operated toy car. It has cars spoilers packed with other accessories like stickers, car spoiler kits and a remote control. …

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Driving Alone

I was looking at some photos of my friend on Facebook and was surprised to see her driving. She’s now based in Arizona and driving can be very difficult especially that she is just new to the country. Nonetheless, driving in a foreign land was easy for her through the help of her tom tom …

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Burning Up the Road

Have you checked your car’s exhaust system lately? Most people who want to give their cars a head turner tone and a good aggressive performance on the road always check their car’s exhaust system particularly the exhaust pipe which carries the gas through its journey out to the tail pipe. Frequent checks of your exhaust system …

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