My Brother’s First Toy

I can still remember my brother’s first toy when we were still little kids. It was the only toy that my father bought for him as far as I can remember. It was a battery operated toy car. It has cars spoilers packed with other accessories like stickers, car spoiler kits and a remote control. It was one of the most popular toys at that time and my brother liked it so much that he even slept with it during the night.

As I look back, that toy car was one thing we enjoyed playing. Even if it wasn’t a girl’s toy I also enjoyed playing with it because it was a gift from our father. My cousins and my brother’s friends often came to the house just to play with his toy car. Everyone loves that toy especially when the lights were on and blinking.

Whenever I see a toy car similar to it these days, I am reminded of my brother’s first toy. That toy reminds us that our father was never that bad at all. Even though he left us, he still has given us a little good memory to think upon.

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