Foods to Eat During the Haze

My city is currently experiencing the haze coming from the forest fires in Indonesia. The haze threatens the health of every individuals especially to those people that have respiratory problems.

I am asthmatic and I make sure that I wear mask whenever I am out. Our city government has advised everyone to wear mask and stay indoor as much as possible to protect their health.

Aside from wearing mask, you can also protect your health by strengthening your immunity system. This is done by drinking a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water helps your kidneys flush out toxins from our body.

You can also improve your immune system by eating food that are rich in Vitamin C. What are these foods?

• Tomatoes
• Oranges and other citrus fruits
• Kiwi
• Berries
• Papayas
• Bell Peppers
• Dark green leafy vegetables

Try eating these foods and stay healthy during the haze.

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