Keeping costs down if you are in any of the many different industries that require the use of a cooling, refrigerated, or freezing unit can be easily done with a heavy grade plastic curtain. PVC strip curtains are used so that the air temperature remains at a constant level without impeding people passing back and forth from one area to the next.

Strip Curtains aren’t Just for Temperature Maintenance
Strip curtains made of PVC can be mounted permanently or for temporary use. This type of curtain is also good for cutting down on dust and debris during construction, deep cleaning, painting, and other indoors activities. During construction of a new addition in hot, cold or humid weather, using a strip curtain can help maintain a client family’s environment if the central air or heating system involves the room being worked on.
Using clear strip curtains allows for people to easily see if there are obstructions or other people on the other side before entering into an area. This increases individual workers’ safety and decreases the risk of accidents occurring, which can not only affect workers, but can also adversely affect project completion and costs incurred over the project’s duration.

Strip Curtains are Better to Use than Sheeting or Tarps for Many Projects
Clear plastic sheeting is easily seen through, allowing workers to see into the other area that is closed off, but they are very easily torn when used in a situation where materials are being handled and may come into contact with the sheeting. Being thin, they are easily punctured, allowing for objects to catch onto and then rip the plastic sheeting.
Using curtains instead of tarps can also decrease the amount of time needed for post-construction clean-up tasks because of their heavier weight. This heavier weight ensures that the curtain is not as easily moved out of place as a tarp would be. Opaque tarps are impossible to see through. Curtains made of strips of PVC solve both of these problems.

Quality of Post-Sale Service is Highly Important, Too
There are many different manufacturers of strip curtains. Many sell high quality products, but leave it at that. When planning to purchase strip curtains, researching the level of post-sale service should help determine which company to purchase from. O-Reps has many different aspects to their post-sale services, including price protections. Businesses who can back their products with price guarantees in addition to guarantees of quality are serious about their reputations and their customers’ satisfaction.

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