Good Food, Good Teeth

Having healthy and good teeth is very important because it does not only provide you with a good smile but it also allows you to enjoy good food. Nowadays, some people don’t enjoy good food because of tooth problems. Sugary foods like candies and chocolates are the most common causes of tooth decay. These foods help the bacteria in our mouths to produce acids which lead to a tooth decay. Children who are fond of eating sugary foods are most likely to get tooth decay, which is why it is important to keep our teeth clean especially after eating.

However, brushing the teeth after eating is sometimes not possible especially if you are out and don’t have a toothbrush handy. Dentists and other oral health practitioners recommend the following food for oral hygiene.

• Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables.
Apples are great example of crunchy fruits. It will increase the flow of cleansing saliva which gives your mouth a fresh feeling. If you don’t have an apple, try a carrot instead.

• Chicken, Cheese, Milk and Nuts.
These foods provide calcium and phosphorus which are good minerals to protect the tooth enamel. Dairy products also reduce the acid in the mouth.

These are just some of the foods that help us with our oral health. However if you already have serious oral health problems like tooth loss, periodontal gum disease and etc., you can have an appointment with the general dentist in montreal or visit the centre dentaire montreal to for a dental check. Oral problems can best be solved by professionals who are truly equipped.

Remember to eat the right kinds of food because our mouth depends on the over-all nutrition of your body.

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