How to Safely Get Rid of Your Old Refrigerator

No matter how much you loved your old refrigerator, there comes a time when you will have to say goodbye. Safe handling and storage of older large appliances are essential to the health and well-being of people, pets, and property until removal happens.

Find Out If Any Repair Centers Want the Parts

You might find a repair center or individual that is interested in parts that can be used on other refrigerators. If it is made and model in high demand, you can expect they will make the trip and take the fridge off your hands. It is one of the less stressful ways to rid yourself of a broken down used appliance.

Contact the Local Recycling Center

You might be able to cart the refrigerator to the local recycling center. Give them a call and find out what you need to do to make it recycle-ready. You may have to get the freon discharged from the system first if it is an older one that uses freon coolant.

Find Someone That Salvages Recyclable Materials

Professional scrappers are everywhere, and they are always on the hunt for items to recycle. See if they are interested in taking the refrigerator off your hands. It is another way to benefit the environment and solve your problem at the same time.

Place the Appliance On an Even Surface

Countless times refrigerators end up as back-yard ornaments. Make sure that the area picked to store it is even ground. Placing it on an unstable surface provides the potential for disaster. Refrigerators have been known to fall over into porch supports, siding, plants, patio furniture, fences, garage walls, pets, and children. Think of the damage this large appliance can do. It can crush a small child.

Think of Safety First

Put safety first when storing older non-working refrigerators. Place it in a spot that is either inaccessible to small children, or has no other objects next to the appliance. Kids love to play and are high-energy. Having items close to the refrigerator that can be used to climb on up to the top is an accident waiting to happen. Secure the doors shut with chain and locks or remove them. Avert the tragedy of having an innocent game of hide-and-seek go wrong.

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