Karaoke Night with High School Friends

Two weeks ago, me and my high school friends went out to have some fun. We did a lot of catching up because Mariechie (one of my high school friend) just came back from the US. The meeting we had was a sort of a welcome party for her. We met at a Karaoke shop and we spent the night singing, eating and chatting.

One of the things that we were excited about the meeting was our “pasalubong”. Mariechie had a bag full of stuff from the US and when she started opening it, all of us put away the shure mics and our eyes was on her bag. I was so happy to get a new purse, a lipstick, bracelet and some other cute stuff. After the distribution of the “pasalubong”, we then go back to singing.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friend Mariechie for the gifts and for the wonderful night spent together. Till we meet again.

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