Yummy Sunday # 150: Eating Vegetables


I prepared this food a week ago for our dinner. When I was still a little girl, I would cry if vegetables are served on the table. But now, I am a vegetable lover. I eat almost every kind of vegetables and I love Ampalaya, Petchay and Kangkong. The only vegetable I can’t eat is Okra. I don’t know why I can’t swallow this slimy green thing (ha!ha!).

How about you? Do you love vegetables?

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  1. Same here! I really don’t appreciate vegetable when I was a little and I am really so like you! The only vegetable I don’t eat is Okra, I’ve been trying to but my feeling didn’t seem to agree. I can feel you. hahaha!

  2. d pa masyadong love ko si veggies….picky eater pa rin ako…:(

  3. I don’t like to eat vegetables.. but I can drink them using my juice extractor.. LOL!

  4. yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love eating vegetables too and I miss the fresh veggies back in the Philippines. I am happy that my kids love to eat veggies too 🙂 Dropping by from Yummy Sunday.

  5. I don’t really like eating veggies before but I have to cause’ I’m in diet. I want to get rid of this fats.

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