Are you thinking of going on a vacation soon? Maybe you’re looking for a good travel destination, somewhere you’ve never been before. Would you like to visit a place rich in history? Maybe you’ve heard about Uzbekistan tourism and what it’s offering its guests very recently. Some of the interesting things and places to see in Uzbekistan are hundreds of architectural monuments.

Uzbekistan is located in central Asia and it is bounded by the countries Kazahstan ,Kyrygystan , Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. It is one of Central Asia’s most populous countries. Its cities namely Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, and Shakhrisabz were considered as symbols of oriental beauty and mystery.

Have you heard of the famous Ancient Silk Road in Uzbekistan? This is the road between the East and West on which caravans of goods were running. The road got its name from the Chinese goods “silk” which is quiet popular in Europe during those times. If you’re interested and curious about this road, then this is a good reason to visit the country.

Another thing that you might want to find out in Uzbekistan is their scrumptious Uzbekistan cuisine. It may be unique, different from what you have tasted anywhere else, but it’s going to be different and pleasant experience, one you’ll never forget for a long time. However, due to inappropriate sanitation conditions, all travelers are advised to drink only boiled water, peel all fruits and vegetables and avoid undercooked meat. You should also avoid eating dairy products and most food sold in the streets.

If you wish to visit Uzbekistan, a passport and a visa is required. Your private travel must be arranged through a travel agency or an invitation from a firm in Uzbekistan or through an invitation from an Uzbek friend. Visas may take up a month to process so better request one ahead of time.

You can check out Central Asia Videos in the internet to find out a glimpse of Uzbekistan.

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