I would really love to tell you how I spent my summer at home with Zumba on wii. It was the most exciting home-buddy-at-summertime activity I have ever done — EVER! I did pay for aero dance classes way back a year ago and it was as well good. However, Zumba here at home is incredibly FUN! This game is however incredibly fast, you could hear my heartbeat from a far! This game is full packed in a box with a belt which is used for the controller. Initially you need to watch the how-to-videos so as you will know what to do. I definitely agree that this is the most effective calorie burner workout! You can order this at Amazon.com and other online stores for PS2 or PS3 for only $19.99. This workout is the best cardio workout program you can do with the comfort of your own home— anytime! Getting into the groove with zumba on wii is definitely an awesome summer experience and I’m planning to make groove with it regularly!

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  1. wow, maybe you enjoyed your summer vacation to the max.

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