Mama Maria’s Pizzeria

My high school friends planned a Girl’s night out and our meeting place was at Mama Maria’s Pizzeria (Cagayan de Oro). While going to the place, Sheryl texted and informed me to meet at Mama Mia’s Pizza and Monique also texted me that the girls were now waiting at Mang Matia’s Pizza. Oh boy! Which is which? I asked them about the address and they both told me that it’s near Xavier University.

I stopped at Xavier University fronting the museum and went straight along Hayes St. There I saw a big signage “Mama Maria’s Pizzeria”. At first glance, the place was just ordinary for me. It looks just a typical restaurant. I entered the door and there I saw my friends.

They told me that Mama Maria’s Pizzeria is known to be the Home of the Biggest Pizza but I didn’t bothered to check on their menu list as I was interested talking to my friends. Our family pizza was served and it was indeed big. I don’t know if there’s a bigger size next to it, but the one we had is just enough for all of us.

The taste of their pizza was nothing special. I’m a pizza lover and honestly I don’t find their pizza superb. The taste is good but I can’t say it’s yummy. One of the things I like is the atmosphere of their shop. The things were orderly and neat and the backgrounds on their walls were nice. In fact, we spend the night taking photos inside the shop with their European inspired wall backgrounds.

To sum it all, dining at Mama Maria’s Pizzeria was still a night to remember.

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