My mom has just undergone their yearly medical check-up for teachers. This is a yearly requirement for them to check whether they are still fit to teach. In her chest X-ray check-up, it was found out that her heart was enlarged. She has high blood pressure and the heart enlargement was probably caused by it.

She has been taking high blood medications in order to maintain a normal blood pressure. Until now, she has this condition but thank God she is still fit to teach. She is also taking health supplements to help boost her immune system and keep her body stay healthy.

While browsing online, I have found a new health supplement that is perfect for my mom’s health condition. The name of the health supplement is l-arginine plus. This is a good health supplement to naturally fight high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, and heart attack. L-arginine has been found to be effective in many consumers as it reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. I hope I can find L-arginine here in our area. I’m sure this will be good for my mom.

It is my hope that my mom will continue to live a healthy and happy life!

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  1. Hi! how was your mom? Have your mom do some exercise (cardio workout) this can help apart from her medication. Hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, et. al. are among those that are considered lifestyle diseases then (1) Sedentary lifestyle and (2) Obesity are the primary risk factors of such diseases.

    Coach Jv
    ProFluid Swim Founder/ Fitness Trainer

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