When I started to enroll in a culinary arts class, I then make a notebook of recipes of all the food we have learned to cook in our class. I don’t miss every recipe and I make sure that I have copied it on my notebook. My friends and relatives borrow it sometimes because they also want to learn what I’ve learned in my class.

Last Friday, I planned to cook “Pork Hamonada” at home. I wanted to try what I’ve learned in class and thought it would be nice to let my family try some of my cooking. So, I went to the mall to buy the ingredients and I took along my recipe notebook. I bought every ingredient that is needed and I make sure that nothing is missed. After my purchase, I excitedly went home so that I can start to cook. When I open my bag, I noticed that my recipe notebook wasn’t there. Oh no! I think I lost it at the mall. The sad thing was I don’t know where to start because I don’t have a guide anymore. I tried to search for a recipe on the internet but it was different. I texted my classmate to send me the recipe and she was kind enough to give me that big favor.

I’m now planning to have a new recipe notebook and hope I will not lost it again.

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