Next month is going to be my birthday. I am still deciding whether to send birthday party invitations to my friends and relatives because I am not yet sure if I will have the resources for a birthday party. However, most of the time it’s my friends and relatives who treats me on my special day. They are the one who truly makes my birthday so special. That is why, I’m planning to make my friends and relatives happy on my birthday. Probably, a simple dinner for them will just be fine. What do you think?

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  1. Clicked on a button and found you. ;o) Your birthday is a special time. It’s so wonderful that you want to treat family and friends this time. A simple dinner is a great idea – buffet-style would make it even easier for you. Most recipes can be cooked ahead and kept fresh in your freezer. The fewer last-minute preparations the better. Decorate the day before. I’m a grandma and just love to give advice. Can you tell? So Happy Birthday to you. Be sure to get some photos of your party to share. Maybe even get some disposable cameras for your guests. There I go again giving more advice. Sorry. It’s my job as a grandma.

  2. thanks for the advice Grandma 🙂

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