Perfectly Blended

09_05_5---Cake-Mixture_web Starting today, I will be changing the name of my blog from “A Taste Of My Life ” to it’s new name “Perfectly Blended“. I will not only be focusing on food in this blog but as well as people, places, things, and a everyting else under the sun. I will still continue to update you on recipes as well as other food info. Also, I like this idea because I will not be running out of post to write in here (LOL!) as well as I can express everything here without limitations.

Life is not perfect, but God blends all our experiences into something that will mold us into a better person. Thus, in all the experiences I have in life, the people I meet, the places I visited and the foods I’ve tried…. I found all of these “Perfectly Blended” becuase God is the one who orders it.

(Photo by Google Images)


  1. when i saw the pic ….wow,wow,wow!!!
    one of my favorite food. i cooked bam-i for supper, i put shrimps. my hubby said”this taste good”. so, plus point to the cook.
    i really like the pic. i want it to be real.i want to eat it

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