My cousin works as a nurse in a Rescue team in our city. Together with the team, his job is to provide immediate medical assistance to people who experienced accidents and other emergency cases. They have their own ambulance so whenever they are needed they can easily respond. I like his job because it provides an opportunity to help people especially those who are critically in need of help. However, I also find it very challenging especially that most of the patients they handle are usually people who are fighting for their life. Sometimes, they would go to remote places just to help someone and bring them to the nearest hospital.

One of the most challenging part about his job is to always be ready no matter what. Their medical kits and other safety gadgets like the seat belt cutter is always with them. They also have to be alert on calls and text messages so they won’t miss anything. Being a Rescuer is not that easy. There will be times that they will have to be awake 24/7 just to be of service to those who are in need of help. It’s a bit tiring if you might think but on the brighter side of it, this kind of job is truly rewarding. It’s a great fulfillment to save lives and being able to be a blessing to them.

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